Want To Increase Your Pay? Get An Online Msn Degree

In this fast paced world which is sadly recession struck, it is indeed a good idea to work while acquiring further education. A master’s degree is obviously better than a bachelor’s in almost every field and nursing is no exception. So, a Masters of Science in Nursing will benefit a Registered Nurse (RN)in a tremendous way.Thanks to online schools it has become extremely convenient to study further and work alongside.

What Are The Pre-requisites For Getting An MSN Degree?
Prerequisites for MSN are:

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
An RN license
A certain amount of clinical experience
Good GRE score

MSN can generally be completed in 18 to 24 months.Finding the right online nursing school is equally important, as you will be investing money and time. It should be affordable, accredited and accommodating to your needs.

How Will An Online MSN Degree Help Me Out?
As the field develops, shortage of nurses will present various opportunities and financial benefits, and nurses who have advanced degrees will benefit the most.Here are 3 reasons how an Online MSN Degree can help RN’s:

1.Online MSN Degree Is Convenient:
For an RN who is working it is very convenient to get an online degree as online degrees areflexible and the study schedule can be moulded to their schedule. They would be able to do their current job and along with getting further education. You can look for the right online nursing school and get enrolled.

2.It Increases The Pay Scale:
A good salary is the biggest motivation to study further, polish your skills and increase your knowledge.A Master’s Degree In Nursing will get you an increment. According to the U.S Bureau of Labour, the yearly income of an RN with a master’s degree is around $43,023 to $88,086 which is 10-15% higher than of a less qualified nurse.

3.It Helps People Move Ahead In A Nursing Career:
If you are thinking about moving ahead in the nursing career or maybe switching careers from a bedside nurse to some other fields like, case management, nurse information analyst or nurse educators,a master’s degree is a prerequisite, in addition to specialized certification. Various online nursing schools have a vast range of specialized master’s, as well as certification courses, ranging from BSN to MSN to PHDs.

Investing in your future by earning a master’s degree is a great idea as new skills do open gates for a better work environment with increased income. Professional goals, either short-term or long-term can be attained with these online programs, making it easier for you to stand out in today’s competitive job market.

There are a number of best online schools offering healthcare and nursing degree programs. So if you have been thinking about a career in nursing this is a good time to begin your career. There are a variety of degree levels and certificates available to meet your needs ranging from a two-year degree program to a four-year degree program or higher. However, starting off with a two-year degree programs will prepare you for health care careers like dental hygienist, registered nurse or radiologic technologist and more.

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