Law Colleges In India Offer A Vast Choice Of Colleges For Pursing Law Degrees For Students

The law degrees are one of those subjects that offer a multitude of opportunities who have a law college degree at hand. Practicing in the courts, going into private firms as legal consultants, having their freelancing practice, as well as becoming government prosecutors, are some of the lucrative avenues that are there for the students of law. It is imperative therefore that many students are eyeing the law degrees for a prosperous career in the future.

Students from early days of their studies are realizing that the law courses in the country that are being offered by private as well as government colleges are good prospects. With this frame of mind, a number of students have been taking admissions to the law colleges in India to pursue courses like the LL B, LL M, BA LL B, Ph. D in law, MPhil in law, besides the many diploma and masters degree in different individual streams of law.

The courses are many for the interested candidates who wish to study from the basics to the masters degrees and all of these can be done in a single stretch which nowadays can be started with an integrated law course. These courses in law are offered in a wide range of colleges spread across the country and even through many universities that offer distant learning courses in law. The options of various courses in different institutes allow the students an independence to choose their colleges and institutes of choice.

But, students have been lining up in front of the colleges in Bangalore and Mumbai due to the presence of some of the best institutes of India in these cities. Although, the cities of Bangalore and Mumbai are financial metros of India, they have many firms that can offer a prospective career in law. So students who are interested in post study exposure to the various intricacies of law practice, can take up the courses offered and have internships done in these firms.

Being a lawyer is mostly about applying the rules and laws that one has studied in the curriculum. And there couldn’t be a better place in India to start off interning immediately or even before passing out. The reputation of the law colleges in Bangalore is accentuated with the presence of colleges such as Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies, Bangalore Management Academy, National Law School of India University, Seshadripuram Law College, Indian Institute of Law, M S Ramaiah College of Law, etc.

For the Mumbai reputation, of being a favoured place for law students, the colleges are Gopaldas Jhamatmal Advani Law College where cyber law is a subject, Government Law College, Lords Universal College, Rizvi Law College, Siddharth College of law, etc. These law colleges in Mumbai and Bangalore, with the others spread out in different parts of India, have been instrumental in the successful completion of many students who have gone on to become successful practicing lawyers or have credentials in firms as legal advisors. The prospects of being a lawyers and being on the right side of the law, drives a number of students to make a career out of it, with the colleges providing ample seats and thus opportunities to pursue a law degree.

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