Earn Distance Learning Graduate Degree While Working

Earning your college degree was tough enough and you went to work right out of college. Your undergraduate degree enabled you to get a good job and make a decent living. Now you’re hoping to further your education, but time constraints make attending traditional classes difficult to do. A viable option may be a distance learning graduate degree.

Class time is not the only consideration for going back to school. There’s the time it takes to drive to and from classes as well as study time. A distance graduate degree can be advantageous to realizing the goal of a master’s degree while you learn at your own pace.

Most distance education programs rely on your personal dedication and commitment to success and set very loose guideline when it comes to deadlines and assignment completion. Earning a distance learning degree can take as little or as much time as you’re willing to put into it.

Accreditation Of Program Needs Verified

When choosing an online study course to earn your distance learning graduate degree it is extremely important to select one that has the accreditation of one of the six regional accrediting services. Without proper accreditation, your distance graduate degree may not be recognized by employers or other educational facilities.

With most online distance learning degree programs, accredited schools may accept classes you have already taken at a traditional school and credit them towards your distance learning degree. Provided the classes were also taken at an accredited school.

There are many companies offering classes towards a distance learning graduate degree that lack the accreditation and when you complete their course, you will find the degree you receive is not worth the paper on which it is printed. Basically, these diploma mills are in it for the money. They may tout accreditation, but many times this comes from their own accreditation and is not connected to any of the six regional agencies.

A distance learning graduate degree should take nearly the same amount of time as it would take attending a traditional school. It may be shortened if you work faster than others or if you can test out of some of the classes, but if an online school claims you can have a distance learning degree in what seems like a very short time, additional scrutiny is warranted. If you think about it, you probably won’t be able to earn a distance learning degree in two or three weeks.

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