Insurance Continuing Educatin – Illinois State Requirements.

Illinois insurance continuing education is pretty straight forward and easy compared to most states. So of you are an agent in illinois feel fortunate that you dont have to go through hoops to get you insurance continuing education taken care of

Illinois requirements state that you have to complete at least 30 hours of continuing education credit every to years to renew your license. You can choose from a variety of class as this is a generic requirement. Most classes are not difficult and can count towards additional specialtise.

If you are planning on selling Long-Term-Care of LTC in the state of illinois you are going to have to complete a one-time six-hour state- specific requirement before you can legally sell LTC products.The course is relatively simple, but it is mandatory or you cant sell LTC. The LTC course does count towards you main 30 hour illinois requirements.

You have to make sure that you have completed the courses by the time you license renewal date arrives. Like all things however, it is recommend you get all you Illinois CE requirements out of the way at least 4 weeks before the deadline. This way the CE provider has time to notify of your compliance.

You license renewal date will be 2 years after the issuance date. If you recieved you license on march 15, 2008, you will have to renew by march 15, 2010. If you miss this date you may have to stop selling for several weeks till you meet compliance.

You have the choice to take either independent study courses or classroom course. Independent self study courses are available on and offline, and are generally much less of a hassle than classroom courses. They are also usually much cheaper.

If you have taken more than 30 hours, dont let your work go to waste. You can carry over up to 15 CE credit hours to the next reporting period in that state of Illinois. This can come in handy if you take a heavy course load for a specific reason but cant utilize all the credits.

In the state of Illinois, you are not allowed to repeat any course within a three year period. This is to stop you from taking the same course over again and not expanding your knowledge. Take new courses may inspire you to offer a new product.

The state of illinois does not require you take a monitored exam. This allows you to take exams comfortably from your home. You can take them as many times as you want without penalty. Although you may have to check with your provider to see if they require you to repay. some agents are exempt from the need for Continuing education. These include travel health, trip insurance, industrial life, and industrial health.

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