Motorola Bluetooth Mates With Sunglasses

Bluetooth technology is rapidly becoming a hit. It is becoming a must-have technology for most of us around the world. Wireless technology has been around for a while now but companies using the new Bluetooth technology have taken it all one step further.

Other basic wireless technologies usually require you to do a set up before devices can communicate. Bluetooth on the other hand allows Bluetooth enabled devices to automatically communicate if they were within range of each other. That’s a tremendous benefit, especially if you remember the days of cautiously trying to get devices to talk to each other. And with Bluetooth technology you can actually link up to seven different Bluetooth enabled devices at once to create a very unique network.

And amazingly, Bluetooth technology is now beginning to show up in areas that we only dreamed of in comic books in years past. Take the new Motorola Bluetooth sun glasses for example. This is one of those unique devices you never thought you’d ever see. Motorola has embedded Bluetooth technology into stylish Oakley Sun glasses to create a wireless headset that you can very easily wear and use. If you have a Bluetooth enabled cell phone or have a music device that is also Bluetooth enabled, they will communicate as long as they are within 30 feet of the sunglasses. Can you imagine the possibilities? You can easily bike, run or row a boat while wearing these sunglasses and you are never out of touch or without your favorite music. You can hear your favorite music if you have a Bluetooth enabled music device clipped to your belt or in your pocket. And since you have a speaker for each ear, you actually have stereo music capability as well. And of course, if you have your Bluetooth enabled cell phone with you in your pocket, backpack or clipped to your belt as well you can receive a cell phone call by simply touching a button on the side of the glasses. The embedded microphone allows you to talk hands-free as well. Talk about being connected to the world through a unique mobile technology!

The Bluetooth enabled sunglasses will give you up to approximate four to six hours of talk time and about a hundred hours of standby time, which is very good for a portable device that gives you such hands-free capabilities. The glasses also have noise reduction technology which is great if you wear them while biking in town around noise.

Motorola has also used Bluetooth technology to solve a problem that some people had with hands-free car kits. Normally, you have to have a hands-free car kit setup installed in each car. But Motorola has come up with a small portable Bluetooth car kit that you can move from car to car. All you have to do is clip it to your visor and, like all Bluetooth technology, the unit with a built-in speaker communicates automatically with your Bluetooth enabled cell phone.

Bluetooth technology is changing the world we live in very rapidly. It wasn’t long ago that we had the comic book character Dick Tracy talking into a wristwatch phone. Now we actually have that and more!

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