Popular Bluetooth Accessories

Bluetooth is a wireless communication device or a protocol that enables connecting various devices like laptops, mobile phones and PDAs through short-range radio frequency. Devices that are enabled through Bluetooth can connect and communicate with each other and have the ability to handle both voice and data transmissions at the same time. There are a wide variety of Bluetooth accessories like hands-free headsets, speakers, PC related GPS, enhancements, car kits, adapters, keyboard and digital camera and digital pen.

Headsets: Different types of headsets have different features and audio quality. Headset and hands free are the two types of Bluetooth profiles that decide the capability of the accessory. Hands free profile has more features than the headset profile. Some Bluetooth wireless headsets may support the headset profile alone as against the hands free profile.

Bluetooth headsets come in a wide variety of colors and are sleek and small and they give comfortable hands free communication. Bluetooth stereo headphones have a three-button control of music playback, volume and phone functions with a built in microphone.

Wireless printer: A Bluetooth printer can print from the smart phone photos, business cards, memos and schedules.

USB power adapter: This is a compact and convenient adapter to charge iPhone or iPod at home or wherever it is connected to the computer. It also allows a safe wireless connection through devices like mobile phones, laptops and PDAs and thus creates a wireless mobile office. The latest Bluetooth adaptors have a range of 100 meters.

Bluetooth car kit: Rearview mirror hands free car kit uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the compatible phone, which is within a range of 10 meters. A rearview hands free Bluetooth car kit is a wireless device connected to the Bluetooth phone without any cable or phone holder. Just clipping this unit on the rearview mirror will enable to answer, reject or place calls by simply pushing a button. The phone is automatically connected when the engine is started.
Bluetooth speakers: Bluetooth speakers come with both batteries and a charger so that they can be charged in both the ways. The speakers can be connected to compatible device through Bluetooth and music can be heard or pod casts stored on the device. It can also be used as a speakerphone.

Bluetooth keyboard: The interesting fact is that keyboard and headphones can be connected at the same time. Once the USB Bluetooth is connected to the PC and phone, the phone can be used to its maximum functionality.

An all in one product that combines the utility of Bluetooth telephone earpieces with fun and functionality of mp3 player allows consumers to hear high quality stereo sound with a Bluetooth headset. It has eight hours of talk time and 150 hours of standby time.

Another bonus is that the incoming call can be known Due to this convenience, a person is able to listen to music, attend a phone call and manage tunes just with the touch of a well-located, multi function button.

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